Friday, September 18, 2009

Ever Wonder What Minerals Look Like Under a Microscope?

If you have, then fear not!  By merely scrolling down, you can discover the answer! 
(These are drawings from my first "Optics and Spectroscopy of Minerals" lab)

A grain of Quartz in Cross Polarized Light (XPL) showing Undulating Extinction (See how the colours are different with rotation?  Yeah, that's what that's showing.)

This one is showing something called a "Becke Line" which is a line of light that appears between two minerals in Plain Polarized Light (PPL).
It is really bloody hard to draw a line of light with pencil crayons.

An opaque mineral grain.  ...Meaning I got marks for drawing a little black blob.

Garnet, in XPL and PPL, to demonstrate that it is isotropic. 
I was running out of time by this point - can you tell?  XP  Also, the XPL one demonstrates why I wish we were allowed to use markers for solid black portions, rather than pencil crayons.

Okay, not the most exciting sketch post ever, but.... whatever.


  1. Amazing drawings here marleen. Btw, I'm hanim and I'm studying geology. I'm about to have my test tmr and your drawings kinda help me here. Thanks and great work you got there!

    Keep on posting! :))

  2. If I had half the drawing skills you've got...

    Just wanted to tell you your sketches are really great! The way you capture the Becke line motion is really impressive. Fine job!